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August 22, 2005

Let the kids have their say!

X-Blogger Chip Deale shares a very different perspective of this year's Annual Meeting.

Thru the Eyes of Children

For the 1st time in the 20+ years I've been attending the Annual Meeting, I brought my family (wife and 2 daughters) with me. It was interesting for me to get my daughters' (ages 15 and 11) perspectives on the meeting -- and the association management profession -- in more than monosyllabic responses.

My 11 year old attended the Monday general session and was impressed by it -- though she didn't really understand what the “old guy” (Dr. Kotler) was talking about. My 15 year old thinks that given the size of the crowds, ASAE did a good job of managing things. They both loved the Monday party in the park -- they, with my wife and me, were in the midst of the crowd by the stage shaking their booties, especially to Donna Summer!

I asked my older daughter if being there helped her better understand what I do for a living (she's clueless, as was I at the same age when my late father was an association exec). Her answer: “no”.

Those of you with children (especially younger ones): do your kids really know what you do? Do you bring them to the Annual Meeting or otherwise expose them to association work?

I don't have kids, but I'm still trying to explain what I do to my mother!

Posted by X-Blog Contributor at August 22, 2005 01:52 PM


My girls (14 & 11) have no clue; they think Mommy just works on the computer all day. I did have the older one spend the day with me on Bring your Daughter to Work day this past Spring. I taught her how MS Access works and showed her how I navigate my database.

I have asked the 14 year old if she wanted to earn a little cash helping out with odd jobs but she preferred to hang out at the pool with friends.

Posted by: sandi w. [TypeKey Profile Page] at August 24, 2005 11:48 AM

I bring my daughter (11) to work with me all the time. In the summer months when she is out of school I have her do odd jobs around the office (stuff envelopes, label envelopes, make copies, etc.) She loves to use teh office equipment (folding, postage, copying, etc.) At the same time she gets to see the day to day operations.

She thinks she knows what I do, but I never get asked to go to career day. The hairdressers, police, firemen, and other "hands-on" "see" what I do type jobs always get the invite.

Posted by: Tracy Russell at August 23, 2005 08:51 AM

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