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Blogging at the Blog Session

I couldn't help myself. I had to blog from the blog session. I'm at Bill Dyszel's session, "Podcasts and Blogs That Excite Your Membership and Enrich Your Organization." I was surprised that about 1/4 of the audience indicated they currently listen to at least one podcast! That's higher than I would have thought.

Some nuggets for those of you who couldn't attend:

Blogs matter because 1) Blogs rank high in search engines, 2) they are now perceived as credible, 3) journalists now source from blogs, 4) defensive blogging may be necessary if other blogs are talking about you and ranking higher in search engines than your association webpage, 5) your association's blog can look just the same as CNN and other big players within an RSS feed.

Tactics for blog promotion: Link to member blogs. Invite member bloggers. Create Blogging contests. Carry news.

Podcasting Pitfalls: Need be careful about playing music if it is licensed. Audio quality can be tricky.

Check out:
www.podzinger.com - a service that translates podcast to text and enable searching by key word - like a google search for podcasts.

Grape Radio as a model for providing an educaitonal podcast that generates sales for the business.

Technorati - search tool for blogs


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Was he not an awesome speaker? I love that he asked a bunch of questions at the beginning to make sure he covered what we wanted to know, and the song at the end, well, you don't get that too often!

I thought this was a great session, especially for those who hadn't gotten too far into the blogging/podcasting thing, and he seemed to really get the audience. Two thumbs up from me.

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