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The Big Boston Quiz #2

Alrighty inquiring minds, here is the second installment of The Big Boston Quiz. We're sticking with city history again this week, so break out those history books! By the way, you can begin participating in the quiz at anytime since there will always be bonus point opportunities that will give you a chance to catch up to others who started before you. (Of course, you have to get them right and they have to get them wrong...)

Anyway, last week, we had only one entry. Many thanks to the intrepid Steve Smyth of Tristar Marketing for playing along. Steve, you are in the lead right now with 5 of 6 possible points. (You received the bonus point for the exact date on Boston's founding but missed one of the other questions, as you will see when you click the Continue link below.) It's a pretty comfortable margin in a one-man competition, but others will join you soon, and you can just ask the 1978 Red Sox about big leads!

This week is July 4th, so we will accept entries through Friday, July 7 at 2 pm EDT. Please send them to bigbostonquiz@gmail.com as well as any questions you may have.

Here is this week's quiz. The basic information you need to know about The Big Boston Quiz plus last week's questions and answers can be found by clicking the Continue link below this week's questions. Everyone have a safe and happy holiday!

Big Boston Quiz #2: More Boston City History (a maximum of ten points available, including bonuses)

1. What famous Boston landmark burned down in 1761? (ONE BONUS POINT for the method used to finance the rebuilding project.)

2. Two U.S. presidents died on the same day 180 years ago this week. Which one was president first and which one died first? (ONE BONUS POINT for the name of a third president who died on the same day, but not the same year, as the other two.)

3. What famous writer made an appearance at Tremont Temple in 1867? (ONE BONUS POINT for the reason why.)

4. In what year was the Boston Marathon first held? (ONE BONUS POINT EACH for the name of the winner and the winning time.)

5. What happened in Boston on January 15, 1919?


1. Every Monday through Monday, August 14, we will be posting five Boston-related trivia questions here on the blog.

2. Submit your responses to bigbostonquiz@gmail.com by Thursday at 2 pm EDT each week. (Exceptions may be made depending on scheduling issues.) Correct answers to the previous week's quiz will be posted with each new quiz.

3. We will track your progress over the next 8 weeks and announce our Supreme Boston Trivia Guru on Tuesday, August 15. The winner, plus two runners-up, will receive lovely prizes.

4. ASAE & The Center staff and Boston Bloggers are not eligible to win prizes, although you're more than welcome to play for your own edification. More relevant details in the weeks ahead. For now, here are your first five questions:

Big Boston Quiz #1: The City's History

1. In what year (plus or minus five) was Boston founded? (EXACT ANSWER RECEIVES ONE BONUS POINT.)

ANSWER: Answers in the range of 1625-1635 would have been accepted. September 17, 1630 is the exact date.

2. What famous phrase did John Winthrop use to describe Boston in a sermon?

ANSWER: City on a hill

3. What highly-regarded place of learning was founded in Boston in 1635?

ANSWER: Boston Latin High School (It's a bit of a trick question...Harvard College's official founding year is 1636!)

4. Who was the first governor of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts?

ANSWER: John Hancock

5. In what year was Boston chartered as a city?

ANSWER: 1822

Send your questions to bigbostonquiz@gmail.com!


Hi Jeff!

Looks like I am out to an early lead - and I'm in it for the long haul, so everyone else better get crackin!

Nice head fake on the "place of learning" question last week. You got me.

Thanks for putting this together - it's a great way to get some venue info!

- Steve

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