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Big Boston Quiz #3

Here's yet another installment of The Big Boston Quiz dear friends! This week we're going to explore the wicked cool world of the Boston accent and its slang. What we have below is a very special quiz. I have selected 10 common Boston slang terms (some in their "how they sound" spelling) and scrambled the letters. You need to unscramble the letters for each of the terms and provide its meaning. Each one is worth one point, and the bonus question is worth a maximum of two points.

In the meantime, the tally after two quiz weeks is as follows:

+Steve Smyth--15 points
+Sue Pelletier--9 points

There is still time to join in the quiz...bonus points are a wonderful equalizer! (Sorry Steve! I know you want to win, but we've got to get a little bit of competition going here!) Responses to this week's quiz are due this Thursday, July 13 at 2 pm EDT. Please send them to bigbostonquiz@gmail.com as well as any questions you may have. The basic information you need to know about The Big Boston Quiz plus last week's questions and answers can be found by clicking the Continue link below this week's questions.

Big Boston Quiz #3: Boston Accent (a maximum of 12 points available, including a total of two bonus points)

1. lsla
2. iusohte
3. aisps
4. wdhcaho
5. itnoc
6. ttiesa
7. wxsa
8. krchi hvacu
9. dlol nwehas
10. sb dnaoro

BONUS: For one bonus point, put at least SIX of these terms into one really long and funny sentence. Include ALL OF THEM in a single, reasonably intelligible (and long) sentence and receive both bonus points.


1. Every Monday through Monday, August 14, we will be posting five Boston-related trivia questions here on the blog.

2. Submit your responses to bigbostonquiz@gmail.com by Thursday at 2 pm EDT each week. (Exceptions may be made depending on scheduling issues.) Correct answers to the previous week's quiz will be posted with each new quiz.

3. We will track your progress over the next 8 weeks and announce our Supreme Boston Trivia Guru on Tuesday, August 15. The winner, plus two runners-up, will receive lovely prizes.

4. ASAE & The Center staff and Boston Bloggers are not eligible to win prizes, although you're more than welcome to play for your own edification. More relevant details in the weeks ahead.

WEEK TWO ANSWERS (Bonus point answers in parentheses)

1. What famous Boston landmark burned down in 1761? (ONE BONUS POINT for the method used to finance the rebuilding project.)

ANSWER: Faneuil Hall (Lottery)

2. Two U.S. presidents died on the same day 180 years ago this week. Which one was president first and which one died first? (ONE BONUS POINT for the name of a third president who died on the same day, but not the same year, as the other two.)

ANSWER: John Adams was president first and Thomas Jefferson died before Adams on July 4, 1826. (President James Monroe died on July 4, 1831.)

3. What famous writer made an appearance at Tremont Temple in 1867? (ONE BONUS POINT for the reason why.)

ANSWER: Charles Dickens (Reading of A Christmas Carol)

4. In what year was the Boston Marathon first held? (ONE BONUS POINT EACH for the name of the winner and the winning time.)

ANSWER: 1897 (John McDermott with a time of 2:55:10)

5. What happened in Boston on January 15, 1919?

ANSWER: Great Molasses Flood


Ack! Couldn't you have given a few easy ones, like abbubl? (Bubbla=bubbler=drinking fountain)

Sue's right Jeff - this was a toughie!
Actually, I'm a little intimidated knowing that Sue's in the game - she's a Mass local and based on her insightful editorials, I'm certain she's a master researcher - she's not likely to miss a question! Now, where are the other northeast suppliers, association execs and industry pundits who should be in the game? Are you going to let this Midwest boy take the prize? Bring it on.

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