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Quick clicks: September 12, 2012

Education. David M. Patt, CAE, says taking questions at the end of a session doesn't make it "interactive."

Pricing. Steve Drake asks, if online retailers adjust product prices multiple times per day or even per hour, why do associations tend to lock in their membership dues or product prices for months or even years on end?

Budgeting. Jeff De Cagna continues his series exploring his "really radical shifts toward the future" for associations, this time proposing that associations should eliminate budgeting in favor of "function[ing] more like investors by allocating capital to fund high-level strategic priorities."

Leadership. Kerry Stackpole, FASAE, CAE, offers five reasons complexity is your friend, rather than something to be feared.

Volunteer engagement. Got a new product in development? Don't wait until it's perfect, Elizabeth Engel, CAE, writes. Instead, recruit some eager members to test it out, and they'll love you for it.

Fundraising. Colleen Dilenschneider explains five mistakes that nonprofits often make in working with celebrities to endorse their causes.

Vendors. Deirdre Reid, CAE, says some association professionals are missing out on vast stores of knowledge when they say "no vendors, please" in community discussions. Her thoughts started a lengthy comment thread, which you should be sure to read, too.

Social media. Leslie White shares a report that examines the world of social media risk managers. Likely few associations are large enough to have such a specialized position, but that doesn't mean they don't still have to manage social-media-related risks.

Change management. Jeffrey Cufaude illustrates the importance of helping people understand new ideas in terms that relate to things they are already familiar with.

Value. Jeff Cobb reminds associations of the importance of answering the question "why?" in marketing its education programs or even membership overall.

Negotiation. Cindy Butts, CAE, hosted a yard sale, and visitors asked her a few questions that reminded her of association management.

Management. Jamie Notter points out one big reason for the success of Netflix as an organization: "They fire adequate people."


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