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A new chapter for ASAE blogging

We've finally gotten to the bottom of that bowl of alphabet soup.

As I briefly mentioned yesterday, the times are a-changin' for ASAE's print and online publications, and we're about to launch a new website that will be the new place to find our day-to-day news coverage and blogging on the association management profession. We hope you'll join us there, at AssociationsNow.com.

Beginning Monday, when the site goes live, you'll find:

Blogs: Five Associations Now editors will be blogging regularly on the new site. We'll aim to continue in provoking thought and driving discussion with fresh perspectives on association management.

The five of us will each have a dedicated topic (Leadership, Technology, Membership, Money & Business, and Meetings) that we'll regularly focus on, but of course any and all topics related to association management will be up for discussion, and we'll continue to seek professionals and experts in the association field to provide their guest perspectives, as well.

Our blogging will look a bit different, but the tone and the content will be much the same as what you've come to expect from Acronym over the years.

Daily news: The site will also be a source for a steady stream of news both from and about the association field. From new research on leadership and the latest tech buzz to updates from Capitol Hill and association success stories, we'll cover the news that matters most to association professionals.

You can bookmark the site or sign up to receive the Associations Now Daily News email in your inbox every morning. (Current ASAE members, you'll receive the Daily News beginning Monday. We hope you'll try it out, though if you prefer not to receive it, click "Update Your Preferences" at the bottom of any issue to opt out.) The Daily News is available to anyone and everyone who's interested, not just ASAE members, so tell your colleagues and friends.

Curation: In addition to the links we share in the course of reporting and blogging, we'll also be rounding up a few interesting blog posts and articles each day in a "Lunchtime Links" post.

New faces: You all know Mark Athitakis and me from our blogging here on Acronym, but you'll soon be getting to know several of our colleagues, some of whom are ASAE vets and some newbies:

  • Samantha Whitehorne, deputy editor. Our long-time showrunner for Associations Now will be our regular Meetings blogger on the new site.
  • Katie Bascuas, associate editor. Katie joined ASAE in June; she'll be blogging on Money & Business and reporting news each day.
  • Rob Stott, editorial assistant. Reporting daily news.
  • Ernie Smith, social journalist. Ernie will be reporting daily news, blogging on Technology, and curating links. He'll also be manning the Associations Now Twitter and Facebook feeds.

New formats: The new website and Daily News email are just two parts of an entire package of new features of Associations Now. The September/October issue of Associations Now in print is en route to ASAE members' mailboxes, and it has a whole new look. You can also now read Associations Now on the iPad. (Search "Associations Now" in the App Store.) And while you're at it, check out AssociationsNow.com on your smartphone or tablet, too. (Two words: responsive design.)

Trusty Acronym will ride off into the sunset, which in website terms means that it will no longer be updated but it won't be shut down. We'll keep commenting available here for about two more weeks, and then the site will remain static after that. Acronym has been going strong for more than six years now, believe it or not, and a deep well of knowledge and expertise has been amassed on these pages in that time. That, of course, is a credit to all of you in the association community, who have guest blogged, commented, and provided inspiration for posts here. We thank you for that, and we hope you'll continue to do the same in our new digs.

If you have any burning questions about the new site or Acronym, please feel free to comment below. Or, you can offer feedback about the new site in the Associations Now LinkedIn group or contact VP/Editor-in-Chief Julie Shoop directly at jshoop@asaecenter.org. Be sure to visit AssociationsNow.com on Monday. See you there!



Well three cheers to everyone who worked hard over the years to make Acronym an anchor blog in the association community. And another three cheers for taking something that works and changing it. I look forward to the new site.

Kudos to Joe and Mark for their association "wisdom" and welcome to Samantha, Katie, Rob and Ernie. Looking forward to the new digs and new chapter in Acronym history. Thanks for being the reliable go-to source for Association news and management. Best wishes for continued success =-=

Congrats on the changes that sound like they will keep the ASAE site current and at the forefront of the field. Looking forward to it!

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