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To View or To Do

The following is a guest post from Moira Edwards, CAE, president, Ellipsis Partners.

In Sunday's Learning Lab "Deep Dive: Everything Mobile" at ASAE's 2012 Annual Meeting & Expo, ASAE Chief Information Officer Reggie Henry gave us the insight that people have different appetites for online content depending on whether they are in learn mode or solve-a-problem mode. Our associations' websites satisfy both needs with information to browse and data to find.

In contrast, mobile sites are nearly always about doing rather than viewing. As you run through the airport, luggage in one hand and phone in the other, you access mobile sites when you need to save time and get specific information. So your members need your mobile site to solve their immediate problem. Maybe it's to find their meeting registration information or committee agenda or the certification deadline.

This is a very useful differentiation. Are our members in learn mode or problem solving mode when they get our newsletter, or maybe in neither? When we select an AMS or social media platform based on a great demo, were we in learn mode or problem solving mode when we evaluated the features? If we need both, how do we make sure we effectively meet both those needs? I will be using this framework as one way to evaluate all sorts of information in the future.


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