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Stepping Outside of the Classroom Box

The following is a guest post by Peggy Hoffman, CAE, president of Mariner Management & Marketing, LLC.

I challenged myself to learn differently at this year's ASAE Annual Meeting & Expo. So I set two specific goals: use my iPad and smart phone exclusively (no laptop/pc), and participate in at least one really different learning format. The first goal was simply to push myself to work differently, to harness the power of mobile (check!). The second was to both explore new formats and to push myself to take more responsibility for my learning. On day three I walked into the Wisdom While You Walk session.

In the 75 minute session, I found both great self-directed content and a new learning format that I can use in my associations. I also experienced a sense of satisfaction that I had taken responsibility of my learning.

Briefly, we started the session with identifying topics of interest. Then we broke into groups and set a time to regroup. Off we went, wandering through the Dallas Convention Center. My small group explored learning for adults. We shared what we had learned in sessions at Annual, read in books, and tried and heard about. We visited the Imaginarium and explored some pockets of the convention center. When we returned, each group shared their nuggets and impressions of the session's format.

I have to report that the group gave the format and the session thumbs up.

Goal 2 ... Check!


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