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Quick clicks: June 28, 2012


  • Andrea Pellegrino takes a couple swings at the association governance model: "The practice of allowing a small group of atypical members to 'drive' the association is helping to drive many organizations toward irrelevance and decline."
  • Steven Worth says association governance is growing more difficult because technology is fracturing groups into smaller and more numerous "tribes."
  • I was hoping someone would draw some lessons for associations from the controversy at the University of Virginia. Mark Golden, FASAE, CAE, came through: "Thirty-plus years in the association business has taught me that a board needs more than just the legal authority to take action … it needs to get buy-in from enough of its constituency to make the decision stick, and the UVa Board of Visitors clearly failed in this regard."

Online community. Ben Martin, CAE, explains the prevailing trends in naming practices among associations for their private online community platforms.

Legal trouble. Citing a case of a Realtors association being sued, Judith Lindenau shares some tips for associations to avoid becoming the target of a lawsuit.

Diversity and inclusion. Joe Gerstandt writes that a lot of people miss the point of D&I: "Inclusion is not the goal. Greatness. That is the goal. Inclusion is simply something that can help us get there."

Volunteer management. Jeffrey Cufaude proposes a model for associations to pre-qualify volunteers to create a "pool of available talent; and their skills, interests, and availability captured in a searchable database to facilitate matching them with current and future opportunities."

Membership marketing. Tony Rossell says the latest MGI benchmarking study shows "an alarming lack of using even the basic marketing measurement tools available" among associations.

Data security. Is your association PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliant? Shannon Otto offers a rundown of the potential risks and shares a useful infographic.

Social media ROI. Dwayne Flinchum recaps a great morning roundtable discussion on monetizing social media at the Association Media & Publishing Annual Meeting.

Benefit corporations. Did you read the June cover story in Associations Now on benefit corporations? B Lab profiles the National Cooperative Grocers Association, which became Certified B Corporation last fall.

Change management. Seth Godin shares the perfect five-word response to someone who "attacks, dismisses or trolls" your new idea.


Human resources. Exit interviews are a common practice at all sorts of organizations. But Jason Lauritsen argues that exit interviews are a waste of time. Do you agree?


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