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Quick clicks: April 12, 2012

The value of meetings. I could link to a slew of articles and viewpoints on the conference debacle at the U.S. General Services Administration, but Sue Pelletier did a great job of this yesterday, so I'll just encourage you to read her post to get all the info you need on what it means for the meetings industry.

The value of volunteering. Robert Rosenthal at the Engaging Volunteers blog highlights Independent Sector's 2011 estimate of the monetary value of an hour of volunteer work ($21.79). There's a lot of debate over that number or whether it's fair or even possible to try to measure it. But it poses an important question to association executives: what are your volunteers worth to you?

Meeting registration models. Mariela McIlwraith shares the story of the American Institute of Steel Construction, which boosted overall meeting attendance and advance registrations by instituting a plan in which registration fees increased by $10 every week. Oh, and it has also gone from about 1,200 members to 25,000 in three years.

Future of associations. Shelly Alcorn, CAE, spent a year interviewing association CEOs about their visions of the future of associations, and the results of her research are finally ready for prime time. Check out her preview of the report on the Affiniscape Blog.

Chapter challenges. Elizabeth Weaver Engel, CAE, shares a story of a national association and one of its chapters that don't see eye to eye, and she has some good suggestions for how to fix that. There's some good conversation in the comments, as well.

Chapters and membership marketing. Tony Rossell offers an early peek at some data from Marketing General Inc.'s 2012 Membership Marketing Benchmarking Report, which shows that associations without chapters have performed better in membership numbers in recent years. Tony started a discussion on the data in ASAE's LinkedIn group, with 13 responses so far.

Young professionals. Rosetta Thurman suggests five ways to support your young professional staff in their early stages of career development.

Volunteer engagement. Eric Lanke, CAE, points to an interesting data point in McKinley Advisors' 2012 Economic Impact on Associations that shows volunteer participation is an increasing concern for association executives as the economy recovers. Eric postulates that, as companies have learned to do more with less, there are simply fewer people—with less time to spare—to fill volunteer roles. Concerning, indeed.

Honkers vs. helpers. Steve Drake shares a short anecdote about complaining versus helping and asks if your association board and staff culture encourages people to just complain (honking) or to step in and help.

Community management. The discipline of online community management is a growing one for association professionals. Maddie Grant, CAE, summarizes some key points from Community Roundtable's 2012 State of Community Management Report, including "Technology enables community, but doesn't create it."

Great Ideas recaps. I posted the last edition Quick clicks too early to catch these recaps from the Great Ideas conference, so be sure to check them out:


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