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Quick clicks: March 8, 2012

Two weeks ago, I titled the last quick clicks post "So hot right now edition." As I discovered later, that's the same title I gave to a quick clicks post last July. So, it seems I'm running out of clever (well, if you consider a Zoolander quote to be clever) titles for quick clicks posts. Perhaps more telling, no one seemed to notice. And as the association blogosphere continues to expand and diversify, finding a theme among a mix of posts to serve as a title is increasingly difficult. So, from now on we'll just label quick clicks posts with a date. While the titles will be a less interesting, the blog posts and articles shared will remain as compelling as ever. Enjoy.

Shareworthiness. Deirdre Reid, CAE, offers several suggestions on generating content that your members will want to share with their colleagues and peers.

Board management. Brian Reuwee rounds up advice from several association pros on how to fight board apathy.

Bad management. In The Washington Post, the authors of The Progress Principle provide a quick, four-step process on "How to completely, utterly destroy an employee's work life."

Member demand. Rather than you asking questions of your members, Craig Hornick suggests the opposite: "[O]ne of the first steps to becoming a demand-driven organization is to … provide a means through which customers, staff, partners, and volunteers can ask as many questions as possible."

Social media and HR. Mark Alcorn offers some words of caution to managers who see social media as an easy way to check a prospective employee's background.

Portable content. Mark Armstrong, founder of Longreads, explains how, perhaps counterintuitively, mobile technology is giving online content a longer shelf life (as long as it's good content).

Online community. Terry Coatta gives three tips for associations that have built an online community for their members but have struggled to drive participation.

Career development. Rosetta Thurman says blogging can help you advance your nonprofit career and lists 16 different ways.

LinkedIn. Susan Kistler explains how the American Evaluation Association analyzes its member engagement on LinkedIn with the platform's Group Stats Dashboard.

Content strategy. Steve Drake makes a case for the reuse and repurposing of content in the "oldies but goodies" category.

Advocacy. Joshua Paul explains how an online community platform can be used to support and advance an association's advocacy agenda.

Member participation. Jeffrey Cufaude relays some more lessons learned from the Super Bowl experience in Indianapolis, this time showing how great event activities appeal to a simple human desire: "people just want to be a part of the action."

Facebook Timeline for Pages. If your association has a Facebook Page (or wants to build one), you should check out these posts for more advice now that Timeline has been rolled out to Pages:

Agility. Someone asked Jamie Notter what would be the top benefit of an association becoming more human, in one word. His answer: agility.


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