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Quick clicks: March 29, 2012

Missed our regularly scheduled "Quick clicks" post last week, so we're catching up on three weeks of association management reading this week. Here are some of the highlights:

Collaboration. Jason Hensel shares a psychological study that points to one pitfall of collaboration: overconfidence.

Learning. Jeff Hurt describes the "complex and fragile" process in which learners absorb (or don't absorb) information in a lecture. (And, on a side note, this post features what is possibly the greatest piece of blog art I've ever seen.)

Membership. Anna Caraveli points to, of all things, a cement and building-materials corporation to illustrate the future of membership: "Helping Members and their Communities Succeed."

Leadership development. Mark Golden, FASAE, CAE, writes that associations are taking the wrong approach to attracting the next generation of leaders: "[I]t seems to me, what actually happens is the established board, made up of more seasoned and experienced individuals,  is looking for ways to get the next generation to change, not the system."

More leadership development. Judith Lindenau shares her experience with the "shooting fish in a barrel" style of nominations committees and suggest several ways to transform nominations into true leadership development.

Authority. Jamie Notter writes that the end of the Encyclopedia Britannica's print edition signals a larger trend relevant to associations: being the sole arbiter of authoritative information is a thing of the past.

Self-organization. Maggie McGary asks "If Your Members Organize Their Own Committee, Are You Failing Them?"

Compensation. Laura Otten urges nonprofit executive directors "to be the advocate for his/her employees, and to make the case for improved salaries."

Leadership. Brian Reuwee adds some thoughts to the eternal question, "Who Should Manage Your Organization? Industry Experts vs. Association Experts."

Social media staffing. Ryan Crowe (a grad student at the University of Missouri writing at SocialFish) thinks "engagement" has turned into useless jargon. "Do not let someone get away with just saying "engage". Ask them what they mean by it - and make sure the answer is relevant to your business or needs," he writes.

Marginalized members. Ever feel like your members are lashing out at you, like an angry raccoon? Shelly Alcorn, CAE, suggests that perhaps you, the association, put your members in that position through your own actions.

Components. Cynthia D'Amour suggests that a failing chapter might not be a sign of low demand or a dying model; its leadership may just need better training.

Web strategy. Ray van Hilst offers some tips to make sure your association's website doesn't get thrown out in your members' "digital spring cleaning."

Demographics. Seth Godin says "fifty is the new thirty." How does that affect your membership marketing?

Hybrid events. Celisa Steele shares some data from a forthcoming report that shows the majority of associations (about 75 percent) that have offered virtual events are linking those virtual events to in-person events.


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