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Quick clicks: PR trouble edition

Public relations. I don't think anyone envies the position that Susan G. Komen for the Cure found itself in last week, but, setting politics aside, from an association-management perspective it was a fascinating study in modern-day public relations, which plenty of people wrote about:

Social media. KiKi L'Italien writes a great primer on Pinterest, the latest hot social media tool, for association executives.

Environmental scanning. Jeff Cobb writes that association board members are too often completely uninformed about the competition.

Leadership development. Rosetta Thurman says that, in regard to leadership development in nonprofits, the language we use is all wrong.

Game thinking. Deirdre Reid, CAE, writes that game thinking could be an "epic win" for associations.

Content strategy. Becky Rasmussen shares 5 W's and an H on making 2012 the year of better association content strategy.

Development. Cindy Butts, CAE, shares a brilliant idea for fundraising photo ops: a reusable oversized check.

Volunteers. Jeffrey Cufaude shares 10 tips for engaging your volunteer community.

Revenue. Joshua Paul offers some ideas on how associations can drive revenue with their online community platforms.

Metrics. Tom Morrison suggests a simple metric for measuring an association's performance—"return on management"—and gives a detailed explanation of how it works.

Technology. Holly Ross applies lessons from the book Humanize to technology because, as she writes, "technology is 90% psychology."


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