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Quick clicks: So long, summer edition

Hard to believe it's Labor Day weekend already. Another set of excellent posts and articles for you to read before you head out for the long weekend. Enjoy.

Social media policies. Heather Bussing at HR Examiner says they're a bad idea, and offers eight reasons why they tend to backfire.

Fundraising. Deirdre Reid likens fundraising to dating: it's all about donors and organizations getting to know each other.

Ideas vs. execution. Tom Morrison asks who you should take advice from: people on Twitter, or people doing actual work?

Hype vs. reality. Ellen Behrens warns against overpromising and asks, if there were a site like Yelp where your members posted ratings and reviews of your association, what would they have to say?

Audits. Is your association getting the most value out of its financial audit each year? At Blue Avocado, Dennis Walsh, CPA, offers two checklists that assess the "qualities inherent in a well-functioning audit relationship."

Member needs. Anna Caravelli highlights one membership organization that is winning in its marketplace because it immerses itself in its members' world and has moved from "nice to have" to "imperative to have."

Private online communities. Maggie McGary says too many associations that are building private online member communities are failing to plan for the level of staff resources required to make those communities thrive.

Innovation. What makes a great innovator? According to Steve Tobak at The Corner Office blog, "More often than not, they stand on the shoulders of giants, see things a little bit differently, or benefit from timing, opportunity, or luck."

Online learning. How do you decide which webinars to offer for free and which ones to charge for? Jeff Cobb at Tagoras suggests a simple dichotomy to guide you.

#asae11. Finally, believe it or not, recaps and thoughts from the Annual Meeting are still trickling in, which you can find over at the #asae11 Scoop It page. One of the new items is a video with dogs, just FYI.


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