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Quick clicks: Combating conventional wisdom edition

Several of the blog posts and articles in this week's batch of links offer arguments and evidence for some new thinking. Enjoy.

Volunteering. Shari Ilsen offers seven reasons why a member doesn't want to volunteer with your nonprofit and some tips to overcome those reasons.

Hybrid meetings. Barbara Palmer at the PCMA Convene blog notes that the case for hybrid meetings—mixing online with face to face—is getting stronger, now with evidence from the world of higher education.

Pricing. Celisa Steele explains what associations can learn from ticket scalpers about pricing their products and education.

Leadership. Cindy Butts, CAE, shares some lessons on leadership from an inspiring volunteer who she admits was one of her favorite members.

Committees. Eric Lanke, CAE, argues that not all volunteer committees should report to an association's board. Rather, some should report to the board and others should report to staff. He makes a good case for it, and the debate in the comments is interesting.

Hiring. David Patt, CAE, recommends always stating a salary with the listing for a job opening and offers some good reasons. Do you agree?

Innovation. Maggie McGary reminds association executives that it's not enough to experiment. Innovations that are successful then have to be developed into mainstream efforts.

More innovation. If you're looking to guide discussions on new ideas and innovation with your staff or volunteer leaders, check out Jeffrey Cufaude's tips on facilitating innovation discussions.

Writing. As an editor I can't help but share some writing-related links from time to time. If you want to avoid cliche phrases in your writing, you'll do well to avoid the ones highlighted on the new Unnecessary Journalism Phrases tumblr.


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