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Quick clicks: So hot right now edition

If you're in the eastern half of the United States, you'll understand why it's just too hot for me to think of any kind of interesting intro to this week's edition of quick clicks. Several interesting articles and posts below. Enjoy.

Argument. Mark Golden, FASAE, CAE, asks "Have We Lost The Ability To Argue?" One should hope not, as it's an important capacity for association leaders to maintain.

Creativity. Virgil Carter points to an article that suggests creativity might be a quality that prevents one from reaching the CEO position of an organization, particularly associations that tend to be creatures of habit. "Typical leaders in such organizations are expected to have traits that reduce uncertainty and promote stability," he writes.

Staff communication. Tom Morrison doesn't like meetings, but he does like effective staff communication at his association. That's why he created a private online group for his staff called "Staff Meeting 24/7" that serves as the central location for inter-office communication.

Fundraising. Laura Otten highlights research that shows that more than half of nonprofits that ask or require board members to raise money provide little or no training in fundraising to the board members, which she calls "sad." "The state doesn't tell children turning 16 ... 'Okay, get behind the wheel of a car and drive!'" she writes.

Pricing. Jeff Cobb shares a brief note about the power of a small price increase, citing research that shows a one percent price increse results in more increased profits than a one percent increase in volume or decrease in costs.

Groupon. Maddie Grant, CAE, urges associations to be cautious before jumping on the daily-deals bandwagon.

Web experience. Jeff Hurt argues that a poor conference website experience will set up your face-to-face event for failure.

Social media exhaustion. Maggie McGary is a social media professional, but even she finds herself overwhelmed with the number of networks and social outlets to explore and engage in. "Google+ has tipped the apple cart for me and I find myself just wanting to avoid the computer altogether," she writes.

Boards. Eric Lanke, CAE, continues a thread about boards being out of touch with members. He suggests association staff or other active members or volunteers are the ones more in touch and should be conveying that knowledge to the board.

Emotions. Jamie Notter explains why recognizing your own emotions and understanding how they affect others in the workplace is one quality of skilled leaders.




Thanks for curating some great pieces of content. I really like it when the ASAE blogging team does brief recaps of some of the posts that have captured their attention recently. It helps me catch up on some things I might have missed.

Thanks for including me as well this week.

Oh, and BTW, we in Texas are singing "And the heat goes on. La de da de de, la de da de da!" Of course you are too young to probably know the original tune "The Beat Goes On." ;)

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