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Quick Clicks: Post-#tech10 Edition

Happy Friday, everyone! For this week's Quick Clicks, I'd like to start off with a roundup of blog posts responding to the Tech Conference in some way:

- At the Half Moon Consulting blog, Rene Shonerd shares a video with a few quick tips on facilitating the RFP process, in connection with a session she moderated at the conference.

- Shannon Otto posted a few snapshots from the conference at the Splash blog.

- Maggie McGary has some strong words of advice for anyone who might be thinking about hiring a social media manager after the conference.

- Lynn Morton blogged extensive notes from two sessions: one on mobile and one on growing online communities.

- Thad Lurie was inspired to compose Tech Conference haiku on the associationTECH blog.

- Also on the associationTECH blog, Maddie Grant is soliciting feedback and ideas for next year's Technology Conference. There's some interesting ideas and discussion in the comments (although I completely disagree with the person who suggested "more snow").

Here are a few other, non-Tech-related posts that caught my eye in the last week or two:

- Elizabeth Ortiz at the Money and Mission blog has a thought-provoking post ion her three biggest fears about how the recession could affect nonprofits.

- Cindy Butts overheard a fairly private conversation in a fairly public venue, which inspired her to talk about the conversations association professionals should not have in public.

- Shelly Alcorn urges associations to stop and think about whether they're practicing truth in advertising.

- Judith Lindenau looks at the reasons why a merger might not be a good idea for an association.

- I love this post by Holly Ross on four lessons she learned from social media in 2010.

- Jayne Cravens at the Coyote Communications blog writes about situations where volunteers acting on their own might hurt more than they help. Elsewhere, Aaron Wolowiec talks about the roundabout way associations sometimes communicate with volunteers and asks if it could be improved.


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