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Quick Clicks: "Friend management" edition

This week's links offer some provocative opinions on emerging technology for associations, plus some excellent recommendations for managing expectations among boards, speakers, colleagues, and more. Enjoy.

To app, or not to app? That is the question Lindy Dreyer answers on the SocialFish blog. Her perspective is clear: "Mobile apps are a waste of time for associations." The ensuing debate (24 comments so far) is excellent reading.

All your message are belong to Facebook. So Facebook's next step in taking over your life is the new, email-ish Facebook Messages. The best analysis of this week's announcement that I've read comes from Charlene Li, who will speak at the Association Technology Conference & Expo in December. (Sidenote: Li uses the term friend management in this article. I long for simpler times.)

Board micromanagement. Jen Masaoka at Blue Avocado gets to the heart of why boards sometimes micromanage their staffs: confidence. She offers some great advice for making such situations better.

Thou shalt giveth your speakers guidelines. Jeff Hurt shares the TED Commandments, the ten guidelines for speakers at TED Conferences, and he recommends associations adopt them (plus two more that he suggests).

No is the new yes. David Patt, CAE, tells two short stories about how being able to say "no" when appropriate is a benefit to your association.

Weekend reading. Deirdre Reid, CAE, asks if your association is publishing content over the weekend, and suggests you should consider it, if you're not already. The conversation in the comments is interesting, as well.

"Make it fun!" How do you present a catalog of project ideas to an audience of organization leaders who want to find which ones might fit their needs? Turn it into a game. Judith Lindenau explains how the National Association of Realtors did just that.

Sadness. By the looks of this picture, it appears Philadelphia-based AMC Fernley & Fernley lost a bet on the World Series with San Francisco's LoBue & Majdalany Management Group. From one die-hard Phillies fan to another, I feel your pain, Kyle Fernley.



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