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Quick Clicks: Healthy debate edition

Welcome to a late-Friday edition of Quick Clicks. Happy weekend to you!

- Welcome new association blogger Kathi Edwards at the Learning Evangelist blog!

- Shelly Alcorn sees a seismic shift coming in the nature of association leadership. In response, Jamie Notter envisions a new environment of "social leadership." Cecilia Sepp isn't sure Shelly and Jamie's ideas will work and explains why.

- Jeff De Cagna challenges the association community to commit to transforming itself.

- Could everything you know about writing and editing for the web be wrong? Brett at NTEN argues that it might.

- An outside perspective for us: 37Signals explains why they don't offer special pricing for nonprofit clients. Aside from the nonprofit aspects, it's an interesting look at the thinking behind one company's product pricing decisions.

- David Patt wonders if the nature of association boards might be leading some CEOs to play it too safe. Elsewhere, at Harvard Business Review's blogs, Roger Martin wonders why too few boards challenge the organizations they lead--especially when those organizations need to be challenged the most.

- Martha Rhea calls for association execs to take a good, hard look at their tendency to overcommit themselves.

- The MemberClicks blog is celebrating Small Staff Association Month in October and is recruiting guest bloggers to help celebrate.

- The Heath brothers (authors of Made to Stick and Switch) have a three-question interview with the authors of Brains on Fire about how organizations can ignite passion around their products and services. I love question 2: "Are there some products or services that are passion-proof?"

- Carol-Anne Moutinho has started a series of posts on the ARC blog based on interviews with Canadian association execs about what's keeping them up at night. Her first post focuses on issues related to membership; the second, media.

- Speaking of social media, Stefanie Reeves argues that Congress is kicking associations' butts when it comes to using social media for advocacy.

- Joe at the unhatched blog describes the experience of a total communications breakdown (believe me, I've been there!) and asks how you would handle one.

- Chris Durso at PCMA Convene dares to speak out in defense of PowerPoint (complete with a slide summarizing his post)!


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