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3 questions to ask yourself about your career

I dropped by the Career Connection Lounge today and had the opportunity to talk with June Cline, CSP, CSAC, of Open Heart Communications, who's one of several coaches meeting with Annual Meeting participants during the conference. I asked June what questions were top of mind for the folks she'd met with so far, and she told me the real question everyone is asking her is, "What's next?"

"Most everybody loves what they do, it's not a matter of that," she said, but people do question whether they should continue to invest in their current position or whether it's time to seek something new.

If you're wondering what's next for your career, June has some advice for you:

1. Ask yourself, "Does your job give you joy?" Or, put differently, "Does it give you energy or does it take it away?"

2. Ask yourself, "What's working? Why is it working?" and "What's not working? How is it not working?"

3. Based on those answers, ask, "What do I need to renovate, update, or eliminate in my work?" as well as "What do I want to intentionally create?"

With all of those answers in mind, you may find yourself with a much clearer sense of what's next for you.


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