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Quick clicks, part I: Ready for Toronto?

Since the association blogging community has chosen to make my life difficult by posting so much good stuff in the past week, I'm splitting your weekly "Quick Clicks" into two parts. First, we'll talk about the Annual Meeting, which is only (panic attack!) one week away; in a second post I'll round up some of the other great posts that I've seen this week.

- Tony Rossell and Sheri Jacobs will be presenting an unsession based on the results of Marketing General's membership marketing benchmarking survey in Toronto. (What other unsessions should people know about?)

- Peggy Hoffman and KiKi L'Italien are searching for a chapter that wants a social media makeover, to take place live during their Learning Lab.

- Dave Sabol (the winner of the coveted Toonie offered to the first association blogger to set up an RSS feed devoted to the Annual Meeting) is getting ready for Toronto.

- Wes Trochlil is preparing to speak at two sessions.

- Sue Pelletier is looking for recommendations on can't miss education sessions.

- Maddie Grant shares some of what she's looking forward to (and some kind words about the Annual Hub).

- Jeff De Cagna has developed virtual ribbons for virtual conference attendees (as well as virtual ribbons for folks who will be there blogging and tweeting).


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