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Annual Meeting: The discussion continues

Discussion about the 2009 Annual Meeting in Toronto continues, both on association blogs and elsewhere. Here's what I've come across in the past week--thanks to all of you who took the time to write up your feedback and comments! And as always, if you see something I've missed, feel free to post a link in comments or email it to me to add in.

- Christy Jones posted her reactions to the conference. A few commenters responded as well.

- Linda Owens was inspired to start blogging again during Annual; she also posted a roundup of helpful sessions for AMC staff from the conference.

- Erik Schonher, another relatively new association blogger, posts some takeaways from his session on how membership teams and CFOs can better communicate with one another.

- The weekly "assnchat" (short for "association chat") on Twitter took some time last week to focus on the Annual Meeting, what people liked and didn't like, and what people would like to see in 2010. A transcript of the chat is available through Wthashtag.com; scroll down to 2 p.m. in the transcript to see the actual chat as it happened live.

- Maddie Grant rounded up some thoughts from YAP members who weren't able to attend the conference on why they didn't attend. Maddie also posted some suggestions for the volunteer leadership brunch at Annual Meeting 2010.

- Sue Pelletier posted about an eye-opening experience during the conference.

- The PCMA Membership Blog shares some nuggets of wisdom on social media gleaned in Toronto.

- Speaking of social media, Peggy Hoffman posted some thoughts based on her session with KiKi L'Italien on how chapters can leverage social media.


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