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Annual Meeting Roundup: Sunday

Happy Monday, everyone! Here's your Tweet of the Day from Sunday:

@david_ricciardi #asae09 diversity session best quote: "talent goes where it is welcome". Good business tip for all of us.

Elsewhere, bloggers had good things to say as well:

- Renato Sogueco posted notes from Gary Hamel's opening general session speech and from the Learning Lab on Associations Now's crowdsourced issue (thanks for being there, Renato).

- Stephen Nold at the Event Tech blog posted his pre-Annual Meeting checklist.

- Sue Pelletier commented on Gary Hamel's opening session presentation, as well as the song that premiered during the general session. She also collected her favorite quotes from the day, and kept track of her steps through the conference so far.

- Bob Wolfe asked for input for his presentation today on managing and leading the next generation of workers.

- Dave Sabol has some feedback based on his experience as a virtual attendee this week, as does Maggie McGary.

- Amanda Batson and Bana Yahnke posted new video interviews on the Engage Your Career videoblog.


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