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Quick clicks: Great ideas from other bloggers

In the spirit of the upcoming Great Ideas conference, I've collected some links to great posts by other bloggers:

- New blogs are great ideas, right? Jamie Notter and Eric Lanke have launched a new blog to facilitate discussion on generational issues, called the Hourglass blog. Some other new blogs in the association space that I've found recently include Steven Davis, CAE, on Leadership, and Association Voices.

- What if your association had a meeting where members could feel totally open and free to ask any question? Cindy Butts wonders on the AE on the Verge blog.

- Kevin Holland suggests another brilliant "unspoken truth" for association leaders.

- Also from Kevin Holland, an interesting post on communities as commodities--with a whole bunch of interesting comments on associations, networking, community, and more.

- The GrowGlobally.org blog has an interesting post on profiting from a green meeting strategy.

- Tony Rossell has eight important tips for membership marketing campaigns.

- Frank Fortin has posted a very interesting example of an un-RFP.

- The i on Nonprofits blog shares three examples of inspired fundraising/awareness campaigns.

- Michele Martin at The Bamboo Project blog has some thoughts on the tyranny of dead ideas.



Hey Lisa, thanks for the link love on the new blog. It's a fun experiment and I'm glad that Eric Lanke is extending his voice into the blogosphere.

Yes, thanks, Lisa. For anyone who's interested, our primary subject is generational change in leadership of associations and in society. We're just getting started, but we'd like everyone who's interested to check us out and join the conversation.


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