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Quick clicks from Tech: One last round

There's been some additional commentary from the Technology Conference posted online over the last few days:

- Twitter continues to be a big item of discussion, in a variety of ways. Lynn Morton at the SNAP blog had concerns about some aspects of the ASAE & The Center @Tech09 Twitter stream; Lindy Dreyer responded with some thoughts of her own, and Lynn responded to Lindy's response. (Still with me?)

Meanwhile, Maddie Grant provides a look at one slice of the Twitter activity during the conference, and David Patt points out that he'd be more interested in the Twitter posts from the conference if someone would repackage them in a more readable summary.

- Bob Blonchek has three posts in response to the conference: wondering why he didn't see more of an urgent desire to change the association status quo; discussing Chris Sacca's keynote and innovation; and thinking about associations that embrace disruptive technologies.

- Matt Baehr has a few reactions to the conference, as well as links to some materials he found helpful. Maddie Grant also posted the slides and a bibliography from the "Shiny New Web 2.0 Objects" session.

- In posts related to the conference's general session topics, David Gammel has a short definition of crowdsourcing and Jeff De Cagna talks about how association boards could be inspired by Google's 20 percent time.

Did I miss anyone? If I did, please drop a link in comments!



Not missed, but I just got around to posting:

Full recap to the BeaconfireWire

Friday Top 5 entry at Thanks For Playing

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