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Quick clicks: Alternative membership models and more

A few interesting posts I thought I'd share with you all:

- Tony Rossell's Membership Marketing blog always features thoughtful posts (and often equally thoughtful comments from his readers). I found his recent discussion of alternative membership models to be particularly interesting.

- If your association offers webinars or something similar, you should definitely check out Michele Martin's post on what she learned from her experience as a webinar presenter at the Bamboo Project blog.

- Cindy Butts at AE on the Verge posted some really interesting feedback from some new members on what they'd like to see change at their association. I bet a lot of what her members said could resonate with your new members, too.



Lisa -- Thanks for mentioning the Membership Marketing Blog. As you noted, the establishment of a membership relationship -- long the domain of associations -- is becoming very popular in the for profit world. So it may be a good opportuntiy to explore how companies are using this concept and applying it back to our own situation. Tony

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