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Not Such A Great Idea

The beauty of belonging to ASAE and the Center is that we can be on the receiving end of any number of things you would never do to your members. I am serious. It's my favorite learning laboratory. Years ago, ASAE served fish from kiosks on the exhibit hall floor. Can you imagine? But what a delightful, crazy thing to try! At a different meeting, I was handed a personal VIP agenda, summarizing the events I had said I wanted to attend, printed out on a slip sheet that could fold up and fit behind my name badge. So cool. Never saw it again, but I loved it.

I strongly support the idea of an association of meeting planners and promoters experimenting on its own members. How can any of us experience the next new thing in real time if we don't risk making some mistakes?

So, in case you missed it, I thought I would mention a really bad idea being used to promote the December 9 Great Ideas Conference. I got one of those hideous automated phone messages from someone who is alledgedly speaking at next month's event. At dinner time. Makes my skin crawl just writing this.

So let's celebrate this bonehead move and remember--NEVER DO THIS TO YOUR MEMBERS.

Why? Great Ideas, like M&T in its infancy, was touted as the anti-hospitality event, a marketplace of ideas not fam-trips. It was for the hard-to-impress.

Clearly, you would not want to destroy that image with a sleazeball, intrusive, and annoying promotional ploy. In case there was some question, this experience is the best way to learn this lesson. So once again, we can all thank ASAE and the Center for going the extra mile.


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