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More from bloggercon: Consider an ombudsman

During the bloggercon, David Gammel threw out an idea that I thought was fantastic: Why not launch a blog at your association that is the home of the ombudsman? Much like the ombudsman at the New York Times or Washington Post, it would be this person’s job (David recommended that it be a member, to maximize the trust other members would feel for the ombudsman position) to listen to member criticisms, investigate, and report back on what he or she found out. What a great way to increase transparency.



This is a great idea! Has anyone already tried it and how has it worked? Thanks for the suggestion.

David's a really smart guy! I don't know of any examples of this in associations (rather than newspapers) but it's something that I'd love to see in practice ...

Aw shucks. :) I should say that someone else (don't remember who!) recommended using a member. That could work if you can get someone with the time available. It might work better to hire someone from the membership who is already a strong evangelist for the organization.

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