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Be bold!

During the association bloggercon today (organized by Ben Martin and kindly hosted by the Association Forum of Chicagoland) there was a lot of discussion about overcoming the fears of association execs who are afraid that a blog will open them up to criticism. One thing we all seemed to agree on: The criticism will happen, whether you have a blog or not. No association makes all of its members happy all of time. And with today’s technology, they can broadcast that criticism as widely as they wish to in a very short time.

So sure, your association blog could be a vehicle for someone to criticize you in comments. But I would submit that by having a blog and allowing that criticism in a forum sponsored by your association, you’re increasing the respect your members have for you. They’re seeing that you can take the heat.

Even better: If you hear their criticism with an open mind and use it to help increase their engagement and move your association forward …


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