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What your exhibitors say about you - live blogging

The after lunch session at ECEF (see the previous posts for what ECEF is) features a couple of frequent exhibitors to different tradeshows who are giving their perspectives on what it is like working with show management. Here's a couple of their points:

I wouldn't look at selling the exhibit space, I'd look at how they can maximize exposure and value. It needs to be a strategic pitch -- it's not about smiling and shaking hands. It's about how they're going to drive people to talk to us and what strategies they're going to use to do that. --Frank Amoruso, CEO Tower Case Technology.

One thing that's important to us is the media. It would be helpful if there was a set time to talk to the media, different from when buyers may be coming by the booth. Maybe the show floor could be open only to media for a short time before other attendees. It's important for us to talk to the media, but I hate to have to worry about losing a potential sale because I'm with a member of the media. --Monica Ash, chief operating officer, EAT IT!

Update: posted 20 minutes after the original post: Amoruso made an interesting comment that his company isn't old enough to have been to a tradeshow for 10 straight years. He says he's seen how long-time exhibitors are rewarded with attention and perhaps perks at some shows. He notes that show organizations would do well to actively take steps to welcome new and new-ish exhibitors.


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