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Bill Marriott, Blogger

Bill Marriott just launched his own blog: Marriott on the Move. Welcome to the blogosphere, Mr. Marriott! Why did he start a blog? Here is an excerpt from his first post:

Blogging will allow me to do what I've been doing for years -- on a global scale. Talking to the customer comes easily to me. I visit 250 hotels around the world every year. This year I'll be traveling once again to China where we have 27 hotels, 16 under construction and many more in our development pipeline. At every hotel, I talk to associates, from housekeepers to general managers, to get their feedback. I call it "management by walking around." Like my parents, I value the input from our associates at all levels. I make lots of notes -- and my best ideas almost always come from our people in the field.

Sounds to me like he gets the value.



Mr Marriott:
I had great pleasure in working with Marriott as long as it lasted, my department at Sales and Marketing at Villas at Doral Miami Florida closed leaving 56 employees without jobs, only 4 or 5 got jobs, because they accepted any position, others because they had good contacts in a certain hotel.
What I didn't think was a good method was to have to rely on a transfer to be able to get a job in another Marriott, we didn't ask to be taken out of our jobs,it's very sad that the human resources department that should have taken care of us left us at our own luck.
My father worked all his life with the Timken Company and was always treated as a good and faithful employee,they didn't want to risk loosing him because getting somebody new they would have to know about his backround,but those were other times,things have changed.
I applied various time to diferent positions and my transfers must have gone to a pile, even Doral Golf Resort and Spa across the street was neglectful about our situation.
Well that is my situation. I hope that in the future if a department is closed,other more efficient methods are used to try to keep good employees,and that Marriott can give an example to other companies that time doesn't change morals.

Gloria Bocci

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