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5 more to see

I'm long overdue in needing to put 5 new blogs for people to check out.

You can always see previous lists of five blogs we recommend by accessing the category "Five to See" on the right. The current 5 to See list is always in right-hand column near the bottom.

The blogs on this list aren't for the quick readers—well, most of them aren't. These blogs tend to have long, thoughtful posts and, I would think, tend to be pretty high on the opinion meter. You can agree or disagree with the positions of the bloggers—I certainly do—but they bring rigorous thought to their arguments.

Gladwell.com by Malcolm Gladwell—One of my favorite writers. He writes very fluid prose so even if his chosen topic is dry as a bone, he's a joy to read. I consider him a great critical thinker, and I always take something away from his fantastic New Yorker articles and books.

The Becker-Posner Blog by Gary S. Becker and Richard A. Posner—These are two brilliant minds, Becker a Nobel winner in economics and Posner sits on the bench of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit. They tackle wieghty subjects, and you're likely to disagree with them at least some of the time, but the arguments they make seem to combine academic rigor yet be accessible to nonacademic types like me.

Thomas P. Barnett::Weblog—Barnett is one of the heavy influencers in the U.S. military and its approach to the threats in a hard-to-define, turbulent world. The presentation he created about a particular worldview was hungrily devoured by the military braintrust and became the outline for his book, The Pentagon's New Map. He has since followed up with A Blueprint for Action which answers some of the questions the New Map asks. Hard to pin down politically, he essentially speaks his mind with a strong point of view, sometimes criticizing the current administration, other times praising it. And as for strong points of view, how about these to pique your interest:

Iran—let them have the bomb. North Korea—likely to need military intervention to stop Kim Jong Ill.

Global Voices—I'm a big believer that the important news of today is mostly international news. If you still get all of your news from American sources, then you are seeing the world through a pretty limiting filter. This blog is a project that brings the everyday perspective from around the globe into view.

Finally, above I said most of the blogs aren't quick reads. Here's one that is. And it's decidely different than the others. After all that heavy thinking, consider this blog:

DaveBarry.com—Always good for a laugh, Barry has a keen wit and childish playfulness. And, come to think of it, Heavy Thinkers would be a really good name for a rock band.



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