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Welcome to Acronym, ASAE & The Center for Association Leadership’s new blog for and about the association community. Here you’ll find a variety of voices, many (but not all) of them from younger association leaders, grappling with ideas and asking questions that affect our profession and the world.

We’re joining the small but growing chorus of blogs serving the association community. We are certainly indebted to trailblazers like the Association Forum’s “From the Corner Office,” along with a number that have sprung up from members of our community with no organizational support. We hope to deliver a blog filled with provocative and pragmatic ideas that will make a difference in the way you think about the work you do.

Here’s what you can expect:

• Our bloggers will question the conventional wisdom of association management, spotlight innovation and excellence both inside and outside the association world, and explore new possibilities for the future of associations.

• Acronym is not a blog about ASAE & The Center. While it may occasionally creep in, we don’t intend for this to be a forum to talk about our organizations and activities or a place to market our offerings or a way to evaluate how well we are doing.

• Scott Briscoe, editor-in-chief of Associations Now, and I will serve as your hosts and regular bloggers in this space. Feel free to let us know how we are doing.

• Several guest bloggers will join us. We intend to ask a variety of people with different perspectives to join us, mostly from the profession but occasionally from outside the profession. The guest blogger list will change every few months. If you’re interested in becoming a guest blogger, let us know.

• Blogs are an editorial format. Each post represents the perspective and viewpoint of the blogger, not of ASAE & The Center. This is true for Scott B. and me as well. We certainly expect to disagree with each other occasionally and if we do our job, you may love some posts, hate others, and see still others as a starting point that you would like to build on.

• And we invite you to build on it. In my mind, the best blogs are conversations. We invite you to agree, disagree, augment or refine anything you see on this blog using the comment function.

So there you have it. We will try to post something every day or every few days at least. We hope you will come back frequently, and, again, let us know how we are doing.



CONGRATULATIONS on getting this blog started. The wild world of blogs is something we've been discussing but have avoided actually moving on. It will be interesting to see how this unfolds as a learning lab for those of us who are anxious about bringing this to our organizations. THANKS.cp

Finally! What a great way to get started...I absolutely love the name! I'll be checking this blog on a daily basis.
Congratulations! -KL

Who wrote this? "Scott Briscoe and I will serve..." Who's "I"?

When do we start? I want some good topics.

Congratulations! This will be a welcome addition to the association blog community. Although I confess to being a little hurt that my CAE Weblog ( was not listed under Association Blogs. ;-)

Firstly, I would like to applaude this initiative for a Blog to connect all of us worldwide!

Let's get the ball rolling!

I'm the executive director for the American Chamber of Commerce in Croatia, established in 1998. We've been very successful in the organization of various events, mostly social activities, and mildly successful in the organization of business events. Public Advocacy is the next strategic step. However, we have practically no procedures in place to manage the work of committees, which are also practically inactive, and little pragmatic input from volunteer members, including Board.

Inquiry: Does anyone have experience with moving into the public advocacy domain, without established procedures/plan, since this is what is being essential proposed?

Great idea ... The email and the above entry to kick off the ASAE blog. The contributor of the above post was Scott Steen (see bottom right).

Yes -- Acronym captures not only the alphabet soup but the potpourri of association worlds. I hope that the topics will be bleeding edge seasoned with some practical tips.

Thank you for doing this. I often have difficulty finding members' responses on the listservs as I get the digest and have to request specific message trails. I look forward to participating in and learning from this new resource. Thanks Scott & Scott and ASAE & The Center!

Thanks for setting up the blog!

Topic: A la carte benefits.
We have an interest in knowing if any associations are providing "a la carte" benefits. Our staff are in various life stages with different interests/priorities. We want to be responsive to staff needs and feel this will also benefit our recruitment and retention efforts. Plus, this practice can help equalize the benefits/compensation package so if someone doesn't need a certain benefit (e.g., health insurance) they could elect to have the equivalent amount used in another area--401(k) plan, tuition help, parking benefits, etc.

Look forward to comments on blog or off...including how you would go about developing this kind of benefits program and whether there are negative concerns.


RESPONSE: Thank you all for the kind words. We hope we can deliver something that will keep you reading and commenting. One note based on a couple comments so far, I'm not sure you'll have much luck treating the blog like a listserv or newsgroup. The most successful blog with a community of contributors tend to make comments on a post and then comment on each other's comments. We would love for Acronym to evolve into that kind of atmosphere.

And, Rick, I must sheepishly admit that I had not seen your blog before. I am the worse for it as there is some interesting stuff up there. With my apologies, the omission has been corrected.

RESPONSE: I want to echo Scott B.'s sentiments and add my own "thanks for being here." We hope this will be a lively forum for ideas and look forward to your input. Spread the word!

Congratulations on kicking off a new blog!

The Credit Union Executives Society also has a blog. You may link to it at

Hope to hear from colleagues around the country and around the globe. ASAE and The Center are reaching out and Acronym is a good start. I am looking forward to interesting reading and responding. Congratulations on a great step in connectivity!

My 16, 13 and 10 year old sons tell me blogs are used by [a] back end baby boomers and front end x'ers who have an overinflated view of the value of their own opinions [b] people trying to impress people, sell themselves or things they offer, and [c] technical experts exchanging emerging technical insights and inquiries in their specialized field. Needless to say, only one of the uses doesn't peak the BS meter with them.

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